Sophia Uddin Photography

In this series of photos, I wanted to convey the bonds that we share as human beings. I believe bonds are the bedrock of our societies and through the bonds that we create both consciously and subconsciously we have reached further than ever before, with still limitless potential for where those bonds can take us. This photo series is a vehicle for me to encourage the viewer to explore all types of bonds, those tangible bonds that we can see, touch, hear and smell, such as the ones portrayed in the images of the mother and daughter. Also, those invisible bonds that connect us to memories, feelings and things such as our favourite toy or our homes, maybe even to a lost loved one or a season of the year. Through these photos I implore the viewer to explore themes of intimacy, tranquillity and openness and use the striking and contrasting colours to see things from different perspectives.

 I encourage all those that view these images to declutter the secret spaces within their hearts and minds and allow themselves to be stripped bare and bask in the vulnerability and stark emptiness of these pictures. It is only by becoming the simplest forms of ourselves that we can form the most complex and long-lasting connections.

– Sophia

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