In the name of art | Q&A with upcoming designer Camélia Shahat

Camélia Shahat is half Egyptian and half Algerian. She is born and raised in Paris, where she works on her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Her brand is called Shahat, and has a spicy blueness over it.

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Introduction: Soooo, My name is Camélia Shahat. My father is Egyptian, my mother  Algerian. I live in Paris, so does my passion for fashion. 

Q: Work: what, how and why?

A: I graduated from Mod’Art International Institute of Fashion Design and Managemen one year ago, which makes me a fashion designer. But currently, I am a waitress in a restaurant I used to work. It’s a personal choice because I feel that I need a break to find myself and to redefine my creativity. To give myself some goals to achieve. I plan on finding a new job when I am ready for it. I want to make another collection soon, with a good shoot and all. I feel it will give me more confidence, creating a new collection that is.

Camélia Shahat

I chose fashion for many reasons. An expression is one of them. My brand expresses a combination of the three countries that I am connected to (France, Algeria, and Egypt), who are all my source of inspiration. At the beginning, it was mostly based on my mother roots. I lost her eight years ago. I created my first collection in honor of her memory, which made me feel closer to my roots. I created my meaning of what it is to be raised in an occidental country and to care about spreading a positive and creative vision of my oriental roots. In the end, it resulted in something very minimalistic with a meticulous effect.

Q: What is it about your work that makes you happy?

A: My work gives me happiness by letting me be the master of my design. It’s an endless work in progress; art has no end. For me, fashion is not only about clothes; it’s also a form of art! You can speak about everything and nothing. The most important is to tell a story to your public. Music, paintings, movies can all inspire you, and that is so nourishing for the mind.

Q: Do you feel like your art expresses your reality?

A: Of course! Art expresses my reality because it allows me to speak about who I am and what I want to highlight. It represents me. I draw clothes I could wear. Clothes that give me more confidence.

I always feared to give myself a chance in the fashion industry, and I hope that one day, I will touch people and that they will see what’s in my mind through my designs.

Shahat, the brand
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